Monday, February 25, 2019



(The second half of this video is particularly telling)

Obviously, a couple of speeches honoring America’s citizens of African decent don’t in themselves argue a point of controversy but, like the ridiculous claims that the president is “homophobic,” a “white nationalist,” or some other concocted leftist boogyman de jour, reality doesn’t back the narrative — at all.

One must remember that virtually any prominent person in political life who holds views of limited government or traditional attitudes toward social chaos is tarnished with the same bogus nonsense.

Accusations of racism and fill-in-the-blank-“phobia” are the go-to propaganda ploy of leftism. Along with “greedy capitalist counter-revolutionary” the isms and phobias pinned to sober-minded views of government are no more than the left’s most cliche weapon in their arsenal of nonsense — name-calling.

For people so obsessed with imaginary Nazis lurking everywhere, it’s odd that their whole approach to political polemic can be summed up by a famous Nazi quote to the effect that “if one tells a lie enough, people will come to believe it.”

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Pendulums of Violence

While pendulum swings in culture seem to be stuck on left; aggression, violence, and “hate” in the news cycle seem to be equal opportunity manifestations.

There are plenty of examples of nutcases with any number of views. In each instance, extremists on the right or left are used to paint half the political spectrum by allies of one side or the other.

A new terror plot was just revealed. A white nationalist nutcase with a hit list of the contemporary leftist vanguard.

The very next time a reporter is within earshot of the president, Trump will be asked if he disavows the domestic terrorist. What absolute nonsense. Will Nancy Pelosi be asked if she disavows Charles Manson? Should any public figure need to disavow Hitler? Stalin? Mao? The Unabomber, Timothy Mcveigh? The guy who tried to kill Republican congressmen on a baseball field?

I absolutely despise (“hate”) most of the noteworthy clowns of America’s left today. That certainly doesn’t mean I would in any way plot any act of violence against them. It’s beyond obvious that many prominent and not so prominent people today despise (“hate”) the current president or anyone who shares his views. While most of them would never likely commit an act of violence, the hints and hopes of such action have become quite common.

What really pisses me off about the conflation game is the idea that because some caricature of extremism has plotted something terrible, an entire side of the political spectrum now needs to shut up. Utter bullshit.

No reasonable person on either side of the spectrum need disavow the few lunatics among us and they certainly needn’t feel guilt by any vague association. Regardless, Republicans will be expected to hang their heads in shame over something completely unrelated to them or their values. Some of them will do so. Trump won’t, and there is no reason he should.

Over the next few weeks the establishment media will be chastising the current president for “his rhetoric” (holding conservative views). He will literally be blamed as a motivating factor in this recent terrorist plot. The terrorist will be depicted as someone who’s beliefs were in line with those of Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, etal. Even though they’re African-Americans and he was a white nationalist (racist).

The recent terror plot was by a real Nazi-racist. He was certainly no libertarian who believed in limited government.

Be assured, the left will be beyond ecstatic that another excuse has been handed to them to shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with them.


Monday, February 18, 2019


Down With the Man...Long live the Man

You can’t say, “Down with the system...but, give me more system.”

Well, actually you can say that, but you can also say, “I’m thirsty. Give me a glass of sand.”

Sunday, February 17, 2019


There Will Be Socks for All and Shoes for None

I admittedly keep wavering as to just how effective the socialist bandwagon in America will ultimately become. Part of me believes / hopes, as I had argued in the last post, that America’s essential nature protects it from the dystopian vision. Another part of me appraises events with concern as significant numbers of youth blindly praise the promise of “free [stuff] and equal” with the economic precision of a drunk on a slot machine.

Socialism in America has now reached a high water mark. I’ve always maintained that, in their enthusiasm, they’ve jumped the gun a bit. A few more years of stealth subversion would have served them better but, they now openly proclaim their goals and have no difficulty naming them — “socialism.” Of course they often attempt to soften their image by strategically placing the word “democratic” in front of their allegiance. Even North Korea is “The DEMOCRATIC People’s Republic...” What could be more democratic than calling your police state “democratic?”

Basically, what these people want is a giant commune with compulsory membership — “positive rights,” to be guaranteed a lifestyle at another’s expense, so long as one obeys the great state distributer. Once the socialist genie is out of the bottle, it’s nearly impossible getting him back in. All they need is one solid triumph in taking over the election system and they’re not about to step aside for different outcomes afterward. This is why we now see such active sympathy for the idea of allowing illegal migrants voting rights and why many among the Democrats favor ending the electoral college and packing the courts. The electoral college ploy will be an easy one. College “educated” millennials will see majority rule as “democratic” not having the sense to recognize that allowing high population centers to dictate election outcomes is far from democratic (in the generic sense). The votes of middle America will become irrelevant as the coasts and urban centers dictate the new socialist vision — bread and circuses for the illegal, ill-informed, and autocratic. Bondage and victimization to state theft for the hard-working, the intelligent, and those who favor family over collectivist abstractions.

I’ve heard people argue that having police and fire departments is socialism but it wasn’t municipal services that dragged Venezuela into mass-poverty. Socialism isn’t about individual government programs — “Medicare for all is socialism so what’s wrong with socialism?” Socialism is a system of governance that permeates the entire view of how one wishes to see society run. A socialist believes that the state is best qualified to run all aspects of life. It’s an innately elitist philosophy that believes that the “smart” people must rule. Of course they see themselves as the smart people. By default it requires feeding power to a centralized political authority. If one believes that power corrupts then one can certainly see the connection between a powerful government and a corrupt government. Corruption in a capitalist economy means that a crooked politician can personally enrich themselves (usually with the assistance of government). Corruption in a socialist economy means that a bureaucrat can restrict and even harm the lives of common citizens as a matter if official policy. How corrupt can a government be that has little or no power?

In the end, all strains if leftism are coercive value systems, aggressive and dogmatic. The left might argue that conservatives are aggressive in their desire to be left alone but that’s hardly making a case that both sides of the spectrum are the same in their goals. There’s a vast difference between wanting power to free ones’s self from another’s dictates and wanting power to control or punish others. Conservatism (“classical liberalism”) believes in the values of a constitutional republic, “negative rights” — the right to be left alone and believe in and promote the values of one’s choice. The left’s assumption is that free people will be cruel, selfish, and “greedy” and therefore require their heavy hand to impose goodness. Most people, when living in accordance with their own values, are charitable and cooperative. The mandatory “compassion” of leftism is insincere at best and, more often than not, a mere manipulative tool for imposing their will.

It should be no wonder that, when we see Democrat policy in action (e.g. their stance on illegal immigration) we see that most of their effort goes into solidifying and maintaining their power. The Democrat’s party wants illegal immigration to ultimately stock their voting blocks to achieve they can exert power and keep power. Conservatives want a wall to insure the security of fellow citizens.

Once leftists obtain high degrees of power, it is no longer an issue of waiting for the next election. There are no pendulum swings in a state seized by socialists. The energies of state become devoted fully to maintaining the state and any centrifugal forces toward individuality and freedom are crushed.

A citizen of America can only hope that their fellow citizens have the common sense to see that bread and circuses are not policies that assist one in the pursuit of happiness or democracy.

Saturday, February 09, 2019


Archetypal Essence and the Stories that Guide Nations

The United States has thus far not been “transformed” into a socialist country. God knows they’ve tried and occasionally appear to be on the verge of making it so, but sanity seems to always return when we can least expect it.

Like individuals, each culture on the planet has its own mythology and quirks of behavior. Each has a story, and it’s political proclivities are typically an extension of that story. I often wonder how much an ill-defined innate essence dictates the behavior and destiny of a nation as opposed to mere objective aspects.

Things change in the life of nations but is America’s expansive enterprise, individuality, and dynamism that far removed from the spirited independence of its founders?

America has often been critiqued as being a “cowboy” - simplistic, a bit course, independent, and unsophisticated but somewhat philosophical (more Mark Twain than Sartre). Americans — in a caricature sort of way — are more comfortable telling jokes and speaking of their dreams around a campfire than plotting the next revolution from a coffee shop. ‘Certainly not to suggest that a wide variety of personalities do not exist within the U.S. but, even among such variety of opinion and manner, a common thread seems to continually emerge.

With all the talk of “diversity” that leftland perpetually notes — while assuming that all diverse cultures and lifestyles should magically hold the same political views — American character continues to be driven by a notable independence. Many Americans would no doubt jump at the opportunity to benefit from the next government “freebie” and may even on occasion play along with Jacobin bromides about “group solidarity” but, in the end, “leave me the fuck alone” probably captures the spirit of most Americans’ worldview and does so far beyond mere mundane variations in class or skin color.

I really enjoy watching the people of diverse persuasions in the “Walk-away” movement express their views on YouTube. I think Jefferson and Adams et al. would be proud to see so many adhering so closely to the hopes set forward in the initial designs of America.

While the Marxist / socialist worldview has certainly gained traction after a steady diet fed to the public from education and media, I wonder if it really has a chance of ever sticking. It usually doesn’t take much to sway a sober American back into sanity when confronted with the reality of what collectivism really means to one’s daily pursuit of happiness.

American’s are truly diverse — and much more so than most cultures, in spite of what we are told by our intellectual betters — but revolutions for some collectivist abstraction will likely never gain a foothold over the simple and somewhat course but independent desire to be “left the fuck alone.”


The Green ......Deal

Only in the “progressive” mind would the elimination of air travel be seen as a revolutionary advancement. Next they’ll tell us that their current desire to return to trains may stand in the way of an even bolder plan to return to the horse and buggy.

As usual, leftism is ultimately about feeding power to the omnipotent state and saddling the lives of citizens with constraints, deprivation, and equally distributed destitution.

...Fortunately, it’s unlikely that a majority of citizens will ever be swayed to this level of stupidity.

The next great progressive Democrat proposal will be the establishment of a “Committee for Public Saftey.”

Friday, February 08, 2019


Socialism in San Francisco and Los Angeles

Massive wealth inequality, high taxation, punitive regulation and constraints on commerce and freedom, homelessness, crime, filth, destitution, dependency, and now ...a Typhus outbreak.

The result never quite matches the ideal.

Whether in Venezuela or California, the same philosophy breeds the same result.

Some things never change.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019


Almost Hilarious

The Democrats really blew it — again.

In addition to their usual smug lack of decorum, afterward they provided “a Democrat response” that was beyond cliche’. Stupid meaningless nonsense about “joining together” mixed with clueless complaints about “factories closing” (during one of the biggest economic booms in the country’s history). Of course,the usual rambling about “racism, diversity, and a woman’s right to choose.” Almost cringeworthy.

My favorite part of the President’s speech was his proclamation that the U.S. Will “never be a socialist country.” One could certainly expect the likes of Bernie Sanders and the Cortez Jacobin to sit stoically but, revealingly, most Democrats apparently shared their stance — no big surprise.

Trump could have botched the whole thing and Democrats could have politely applauded when references were made to great economic strides etc. but no, nothing could have been more opposite from either side. The speech was sober, disciplined and somewhat inspiring. The Democrats’ response during the speech and afterward, pathetic. The media will have trouble spinning this one.

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